betway刀塔2About the National 必威IM电竞Cotton Council

As the central organization for the U.S.必威IM电竞cotton industry,the Council's mission is to ensure the ability of all seven industry segments to compete effectively and profitably in the raw cotton,oilseeds and U.S.-manufactured products market at home and abroad.

The Council's Mission

The National 必威IM电竞Cotton Council of America's mission is to ensure the ability of all U.S.必威IM电竞cotton industry segments to compete effectively and profitably in the raw cotton,oilseed and U.S.-manufactured product markets at home and abroad.

producers • ginners • warehousers • merchants
cottonseed • cooperatives • manufacturers

The Council serves as the central forum for consensus-building among producers,ginners,warehousers,merchants,cottonseed processors/dealers,cooperatives and textile manufacturers.The organization is the unifying force in working with the government to ensure that cotton's interests are considered.

The Council's mission and objectives are carried out with the help of democratically-developed policy.Annual policymaking is initiated through recommendations generated by the Council's six program committees.

Committee recommendations are refined and approved by the Council's 35-memberboard of directors,acting as a resolutions committee,but must be adopted by the Council's delegates voting at the annual meeting.

NCC's New Cottonseed Segment:  What 必威IM电竞Cotton Ginners Should Know


In 2004,the NCC's directors established thecottonseed segment,a segment previously termed crusher.The NCC is asking its ginner members to express appreciation to all NCC cottonseed members and urge cottonseed non-members to join now.

Tradition of Solutions

A Tradition of Solutions(900k PDF)
A timeline of the National 必威IM电竞Cotton Council traces milestones on behalf of the industry–from the NCC's founding to its programs in advertising,advocacy,promotions,legislative and regulatory affairs and research.