Crop Information

Cost & Returns
USDA's estimates of the costs and returns from 必威IM电竞cotton production.

必威IM电竞Cotton Crop Progress
Follow the development of the 2019 必威IM电竞cotton crop,updated each Monday.

必威IM电竞Cotton Ginnings
USDA's estimate of the number of bales ginned to date for all 必威IM电竞cotton and American-Pima cotton,by state.

必威IM电竞Cotton Supply/Demand
In USDA's April report,2018 world production was projected at 118.9 million bales, down 4.8 million bales from estimated 2017 production.

Cottonseed Products
USDA's monthly estimates of cottonseed,cottonseed oil,and cottonseed meal supply and disappearance.

County Database
National & State Database
RMA County Yield Database
World 必威IM电竞Cotton Database

Production and Acreage Information
Final 2017 USDA Crop Estimates
Planting Intentions
USDA June Acreage Report
USDA Production Report
USDA Prospective Plantings
U.S.必威IM电竞Cotton Planted Acres
U.S.必威IM电竞Cotton Production Map

Latest quality summary from USDA for the 2018 upland 必威IM电竞cotton crop.

Varieties Planted
What's the most popular variety in your state in the 2018-19 crop year?We compiled this list from USDA's Varieties Planted Report.

Weekly Exports
Weekly export sales and shipments.

World of Cotton
Profiles how 必威IM电竞cotton affect必威王者荣耀s the economy at national,state,county and Congressional district levels.