Find your Congressional Contacts

Get contact information for your U.S.representative and senators.

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You can find your ZIP+4 Code by using theU.S.Postal Service ZIP Code Lookup.
Tips on Writing to a Member

Due to increased security measures in Washington,DC,which slows the receipt of mail,the e-mail letter,a fax or a telephone call have become the most popular choice of communication with a congressional office.

If you decide to send a fax or e-mail letter,this list of helpful suggestions will improve the effectiveness of the correspondence:

  1. Your purpose for writing should be stated in the first paragraph of the message.If your correspondence pertains to a specific piece of legislation,identify it accordingly,e.g.,House bill: H.R.______,Senate bill: S.______.

  2. Be courteous,to the point and include key information using examples to support your position.

  3. Address only one issue in each correspondence;and,if possible,keep the message to one page.

Note: When writing to the Chair of a Committee or the Speaker of the House,it is proper to address them as:

Dear Mr.Chairman:or
Dear Madam Chairwoman:or
Dear Mr.Speaker: