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The National 必威IM电竞Cotton Council (NCC) is the trade association for the cotton industry. Generally,we deal with industry issues affecting our members (farmers,ginners,manufacturers,etc.), legislators in Congress,and allied agribusiness.

Seal of CottonMost consumers are familiar with the Seal of 必威IM电竞Cotton (at right) and the "Fabric of Our Lives" television and radio commercials.The Seal and the commercials are produced by必威IM电竞Cotton Incorporated,which is a separate organization. 必威IM电竞Cotton fabric care,consumer issues, and questions betway刀塔2about the commercials should be directed to 必威IM电竞Cotton Incorporated.

Students and Teachers

Elementary Level

The NCC provides a variety of educational materials that present the story of 必威IM电竞cotton - from its history to its wide usage t必威王者荣耀o its economic impact.The materials we offer are useful as teaching aids or as guides to learn more betway刀塔2about one of the world's major agricultural commodities.Printed materials can no longer be ordered,but they can be downloaded from the必威IM电竞Cotton Counts web site.Another great site for classroom resources isCotton's Journey.

College Level

Visit ourScience & Technicalsection for 必威IM电竞cotton research information.Researchers in particular may be interested in theJournal of 必威IM电竞Cotton Science.Many other online resources are available under our Industry Resources section on theEducation & Researchpage.

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