Reporting Bale Packaging Performance

Forms and links for reporting bale packaging performance

Published: March 30,2012
Updated: March 30,2017

Use the following link to open theBale Tie and Bag Incident Reporting Form.If you want to submit a hard copy of your incident report and submit it at a later date,please download the appropriateBale TieorBale Bagreporting form.

The form may be used to report superior packaging material performance or incidents where packaging materials failed meet your expectations.It should takeless than five minutesto complete a report.

Most questions have multiple choice answer(s) but in a few cases fill in the blank questions are used.Some questions ask for time frames and bale numbers (see below).For those questions,please make sure the following information is available.


  • DATEwhen the packaging problem wasDISCOVERED
  • DATEwhen the packaging problemCEASEDor wasRESOLVED


  • UNACCEPTABLE BALES(count of bales unacceptable bales)
  • ACCEPTABLE BALES(count of acceptable bales)

When countingunacceptable balesandacceptable bales,consider bales that were pressed,shipped,received or stored during the duration of an incident.

For example:

  • If incident involved a BAGor TIE (PACKAGING MATERIAL) FROM ONE MANUFACTURERor DISTRIBUTOR,then the bales judged " problem bales" would be the number of acceptable balesand all bales judged " non-problem bales" from the gin or gins using THE SAMEmaterial would be acceptable bales.
  • If the incident involved BAGSor TIES FROM MULTIPLE MANUFACTURESor DISTRIBUTORS,then the bales judged "problem bales" would be the number of unacceptablebales and all bales judged "non-problem bales" from the gin or gins using SIMILARmaterials would be considered acceptable bales.

Send questions or comments concerning the reporting form by email tojcibpc@cotton.orgor by fax to 901-725-0510.