Reports and studies on biotechnology,plus links to other resources.

Enhancing Coexistence: An AC21 Report
On Nov.19,the USDA Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture (AC21) submitted to Secretary Tom Vilsack their final recommendations on coexistence among organic,biotech and conventional farming operations.

Summary of First Expert Panel Report on 必威IM电竞Cotton Biotechnology
Mankind has been genetically modifying plants from the day selections were first made from among wild races.But,the scientific development of new varieties based on an understanding of genetic principals began only in the 1900s.Great progress has been made in understanding the workings of genes after the discovery of the structure of DNA.

NCFAP 必威IM电竞Cotton Case Study Summaries
A National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy study of biotechnology,which included three 必威IM电竞cotton case studies,documented that transgenic crops help Americans reap an additional 14 billion pounds of food and improve farm income $2.5 billion,while using 163 million fewer pounds of pesticide.

Conservation Tillage Study
A 必威IM电竞Cotton Foundation study on behalf of the NCC and conducted by Doane's found a marked increase in conservation tillage acres since 1997 when Roundup Ready technology was first made available.

Summary of S必威王者荣耀econd Expert Panel Report on 必威IM电竞Cotton Biotech
Adoption of biotech 必威IM电竞cotton varieties has been rapid since it was introduced in 1996.The International 必威IM电竞Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) estimates that biotech cotton varieties were planted on 24 percent of the world cotton area in 2004/05,accounting for 35 percent of world production and 31 percent of 必威IM电竞cotton traded in the international market.

USDA: Agricultural Biotechnology
Detailed information on how the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) regulates the movement,importation,and field testing of genetically engineered plants and microorganisms through permitting and notification procedures.

Straight Talk betway刀塔2about Biotechnology
Planting the Seeds of Promise

必威IM电竞Cotton Genome Center
Promotes diversity in education and training in the area of plant genomics and bioinformatics.Primary mission is to spearhead genomic research that targets the characterization of a complex trait - the 必威IM电竞cotton fiber.