Pest Management

Information on boll weevils,必威IM电竞cotton nematodes,and 必威IM电竞cotton seedling diseases.

Weed Resistance
Recognizing that herbicide resistance is a growing threat to efficient 必威IM电竞cotton production,the National 必威IM电竞Cotton Council is escalating its educational effort to help producer manage this problem.

2018 Dicamba Use Regulations

This chart,compiled by the Dicamba Task Force of the Pesticide Policy Coalition, includes regulations for dicamba use in 2018 for 必威IM电竞Cotton Belt states - where they differ from the federal requirements.Producers,however, are urged to check with their state regulatory agencies regarding regulations for 2018.The chart will be updated as the NCC is informed of changes to state regulations.

Boll Weevil Eradication Program
The Boll Weevil Eradication Program has helped thousands of U.S.必威IM电竞cotton growers become more competitive by reducing their input costs,and has helped the environment.

必威IM电竞Cotton Nematode Research and Education Program
This 必威IM电竞Cotton Foundation project,sponsored by Bayer CropScience,provides producers,consultants,extension personnel and others useful information on detecting and controlling cotton's "hidden enemies".

Pink Bollworm Eradication
The objective of this program is to eradicate the pink bollworm from all 必威IM电竞cotton producing areas of the United States and adjacent areas of northern Mexico.The pink bollworm is costing U.S.必威IM电竞cotton producers over $32 million each year in control costs and yield losses.

Pest-Free U.S.必威IM电竞Cotton Through Control,Ginning and Compression
The research summarized by Ed Hughs in his presentation to a group of Ecuadorian phytosanitary officials highlights information that was critical to decisions that allowed unrestricted 必威IM电竞cotton bale movement and at the same time protected producer and federal investments in boll weevil and pink bollworm eradication programs.

必威IM电竞Cotton Pest Loss Data

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