Information on Best Management Practices and to review 必威IM电竞Cotton Physiology Today newsletters.

必威IM电竞Cotton Physiology Today必威IM电竞Cotton Physiology Todayis a newsletter that provides in-depth discussion of technical and production issues as the 必威IM电竞cotton growing season progresses.The newsletters contain proven strategies to help growers manage practices ranging from fertilization to harvest timing.


The First 40 Days℠ and Fruiting to Finish℠
Expert recommendations of best management practices for an efficient,cost-effective 必威IM电竞cotton production system.SeeBMP slide set(a 1.95 mb pdf).

Cotton's Water Use

Contrary to popular belief,必威IM电竞cotton is a very drought-tolerant plant.In fact,the majority of U.S.必威IM电竞cotton is produced with rainfall with irrigation serving to supplement the crop's water needs during dry periods."Perspectives on 必威IM电竞Cotton Water and Cotton Production"also provides reliable information on cotton's water use.